Life Coaching

As your coach, I will be your creative partner in helping you to achieve your personal or professional goals, and to make positive, fulfilling changes in your life. Through purposeful questioning, active listening, and practical exercises, I can help you to clarify your own intentions, develop your innate skills, and remove obstacles to reaching your full potential. You’ll focus on creating the life that you want.

Meeting Structure

During our meetings we focus on whatever you’d like to focus on – and my job is to help you highlight your strengths, identify areas where you may be limiting yourself, develop insight and set goals, etc…

You may have a specific goal in mind – a change of careers, improved work-life balance, achieving certain tasks/meeting specific deadlines, etc. – or you may just have an “I’m not sure exactly what I want out of life” type of feeling.

I ask the questions to help stimulate your thinking, and we work together to keep you moving forward. The process and content of the meetings look different with different clients, depending on where our conversations lead, and on what transpires in your life from week to week.

Also included in the service is unlimited email contact between meetings.

Coaching Psychology Framework

I operate from a solution-focused and strength-based approach; developed on models and techniques from the fields of both Coaching and Psychology. I work with people who are already high-functioning and self-aware; but we may also ‘go deeper’ in our meetings when appropriate because of my training in psychology.